Second Round Abstract Submission Deadline is on October 28, 2023
Keynote Presentations
Time : 09:00 To 09:40

Arif Hepbasli

Yasar University, Turkey

Title: An Acrostic Approach to Zero Exergy Buildings

Time : 09:40 To 10:20

Dai-Yeun Jeong

Asia Climate Change Education Center, South Korea

Title: A Framework for Establishing a Resource Circulation Society

Group Photo

Time : 12:45 To 13:00

Lunch @ Escale

Time : 13:00 To 14:00

Networking and Refreshments @ Rome

Time : 16:05 To 16:30

Networking and Refreshments @ Rome

Time : 10:45 To 11:05
Exhibitor Presentation
Time : 10:20 To 10:45

Giulio Teodoro MAELLARO

GECO -Global Engineering Constructions s.r.l.,, Italy

Title: SEWAT - Sustainable Energy by Waves Trap

Oral Presentations
Time : 11:05 To 11:30

Dorothea Müschenborn

Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion, Germany

Title: The Hydrogen Flagship Project TransHyDE: Transport and Storage Infrastructure for Green Hydrogen

Time : 11:30 To 11:55

Amy Poh Ai Ling

The University of Tokyo, Japan

Title: Interpreting Public Security Requirements into Engineering Characteristics on Smart Grid Deployment

Time : 11:55 To 12:20

Ilknur Babahan-Bircan

Aydin Adnan Menderes University, Turkey

Title: Preparation of New Bio-based Epoxide-Amine Coatings with Their Nanocomposite Derivatives as Replacements for BPA

Time : 12:20 To 12:45

Baris Çetinkaya

ADM Electricity Distribution Inc, Turkey

Title: Design and Development of an Autonomous Intelligent Robot for Distribution Center Operations: A Case Study

Time : 14:00 To 14:25

Anna Stepien

Kielce University of Technology, Poland

Title: Analysis of the Production Process of Sand-Lime Bricks with Shortened Autoclaving Time

Time : 14:25 To 14:50

Talita Mariane Cristino

São Paulo State University (UNESP), Brazil

Title: Barriers to the Adoption of Energy-Efficient Technologies in the Brazilian Building Sector

Time : 14:50 To 15:15

Franciele Saorin

Cencoderma Instituição de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento de Cosméticos Ltdas, Brazil

Title: Novel Method for Manufacturing an Alcohol Chemically Resistant Cosmetic Packaging Made from Industrial Coffee Waste and Vegetable Binder

Time : 15:15 To 15:40


Bilecik ?eyh Edebali University, Turkey

Title: Evaluation of Hydroelectric Energy Generation in Turkey via Polynomial and Logarithmic Regression Analysis

Time : 15:40 To 16:05

Matthew Hoekstra

Food Cycle Science, Canada

Title: Spectrophotometric-Based Assay to Quantify Relative Enzyme-Mediated Degradation of Commercially Available Bioplastics

Time : 16:30 To 16:55

Y. Mahmat Ahmat

Université Laval, Canada

Title: Synthesis of Trans-Limonene Dioxide by Dioxirane using Chiral Catalyst

Time : 16:55 To 17:20

Gaydaa AlZohbi

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Saudi Arabia

Title: Smart Cities: Recent Advancement and Challenges

Time : 17:20 To 17:45

Ishrat Jahan Badruddin

Cranfield University, United Kingdom

Title: Modulating the Properties of Saccharina-Based Fibres using Natural Cross-Linkers

Time : 17:45 To 18:10

Victor Lizcano-González

Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia

Title: Analysis of the Efficiency and Temperature Profiles of A Solar Thermal Energy Storage System Operating in A High Mountain Climate