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Bioenergy and Biotechnology

Bioenergy is main largest renewable energy source today and gives 10% of the world an indispensable energy supply. It plays an essential role in many developing countries, where it gives basic energy for cooking and space warming, yet intermittently at the cost of extreme well-being and ecological effects. The agreement of cutting-edge spruce fills, biomass cook stoves, and additional off-grid biomass power supply in creating nations are key amplification to enhance the present circumstance and attain inclusive access to clean energy dexterity by 2030. Biofuels and Biomass are the prerequisite elements of Bioenergy and Sufficient Storage for Bioenergy is necessary to entertain the production and ensure supply to biomass utilization plants.

Biomass Industries & Application

Biogas & Landfill Gas

Advanced Biofuels Technology

Bioenergy In Integrated Energy System

Greenhouse Gas Balances of Biomass & Bioenergy System

Processes for Bioenergy

Ocean Thermal Energy

Bioenergy Efficiency & Storage

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