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Renewable Energy & Resources

Renewable Energy is defined as any energy resource that can be naturally renewed or regenerated over a short period of time and which is directly derived from solar energy, indirectly from the sun such as wind energy, hydropower energy, bioenergy, or from other mechanisms of natural resources i.e., geothermal energy, tidal energy. Renewable energy only includes energy derived from organic and natural resources and it doesn’t include inorganic resources. Energy policy network that brings government and non-governmental organizations together and other organizations to learn from one another and build successes in advanced renewable energy. Renewable energy is replaced by a natural process and the rate of the process is faster than the rate at which is consumed.

Clean and Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Utilizations
Energy-Saving Technology
New Energy Applications
Hybrid energy systems
Market analysis and trends on Renewable Energy
Hybrid Power & Energy Systems

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